You got Questions? I have answers

Q: What if I already have 3 people attending my birth?

A. I have been the 4th and even 5th person in the room for many births in the Atlanta area.  Many nurses do not mind or even notice the additional person.

Q. I really want photography but I am not sure we can afford it.

A. Many people who may feel like they cannot afford a photographer actually discover that it is more doable than they thought, especially if they book early.  A deposit holds your spot and then the remainder is not due until your 36th week of pregnancy.  I offer payment arrangements and also gift registries so family and friends can contribute to your photography package.

Q. How does it work? What if I go into labor at 3 am?

A. I am on call for your birth from 38 weeks to 2 weeks after your due date.  In that time I will be prepared to go when you are in active labor.  That usually tends to be 3am and surprisingly I get very excited when I get that 3am call and find out its “go time”

Q: What if you cannot make it to my birth?

A: I work with other birth photographers in the area as backup.  In the event that something happens and I can not make it to your birth you would have a backup in my place.

Q. Do you offer doula services in addition to photography?

A. Yes I will offer doula services if you would like in addition to photography as an add on.

Q. I want pictures but do not want them to be graphic.

A. The majority of the pictures I take are not graphic.  I encourage moms hiring me to wear a sports bra until after the baby is born.  Your modesty is of the utmost concern and I will meet with you prior to your birth to make sure I understand what you are looking for.  If you want crowning shots, I will take them. If you do not, I will make sure I take them at a different angle.  Some moms may not know what they want so I can also take some and put them on your flash drive for a later date if you decide to change your mind.

Q. Do you do video?

A. Yes.  I do full video coverage and birth movies.  This is my favorite thing to do right now!