Why Hire a Birth Photographer


When I was pregnant with my daughter there was no question on if I would have it photographed.  I thought about hiring someone else but I already had my mom, husband and doula in the room and in my head I thought surely someone can use my camera, since I had professional gear.  My husband is also a photographer, an amazing one at that and my mom used to shoot a manual surely could manage on auto.  So I brought my camera and expected we would get shots.  It is the one thing I regret the most.  These shots tell the story.  These photos were taken with the same camera under the same lighting conditions.  Many women decide not to hire a photographer and end up regretting it later when their husband is not in any of the shots or the images are dark and muddy (as mine all were).  Women who hire a professional often say their birth pictures are their most prized possessions.  Do not make the same mistake I made.  These photos speak for themselves.