Moms Cancer update: Help us fight



Mom has been in Phoenix for over a month now.  After 4 weeks the protocol is to re-run her cancer markers and see if they are going up or coming down.  This helps them determine if what they are doing is working or not.  I got a call from mom today and for the first time since this journey she was emotional.  Very emotional.  She said “do you want the good news or the bad first?” My reply was “ummm both. I want all of the news”.  Bad news is she will be there a month longer which means more time away from home, she is very home sick, and of course more money which is going so quickly.  The good news. IT’S WORKING.  Her numbers have dropped by more than a third. Which tells them that the cancer is not growing but shrinking.  This is a significant finding and tells them that it is working. She will be in Phoenix for another month.  We really need any and all suggestions for help fundraising for mom. If you have any ideas please share them and please continue to share her page.  Your donations have been so overwhelming and appreciative.  We were able to raise enough for a whole week of treatment and chemo which is huge!  Thank you again for all of the love, prayer and generosity shown.



The News:

This page is being created as a way to update everyone on mom’s condition and in place of a Go Fund Me page.  When someone gets this type of news its very difficult to get information out because it’s not the easiest news to break to friends and loved ones that you have only been given months to live.  Its also becomes so hard to remember who you have and have not told amidst processing the life altering diagnosis in conjunction with now trying to get as much information as you can in a matter of days.  On April 18th mom was admitted to the hospital for chest pain.  They did a CT to rule out blood clots and found multiple tumors.  The biopsy revealed stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma which is a cancer of the bile ducts located in the liver, pancreas and gallbladder.  Moms cancer started in the gallbladder and has metastasized to the liver, lymph nodes, and possibly some other areas.  Because the way the cancer is surrounding a main blood vessel surgery is not an option, because of the tumor size radiation is not an option.  She was told that she has at most 6 months and that chemo would buy her only a few months.  While this news is of course crushing mom has been in good spirits and has begun fighting immediately.  We started to research all of the options available to her which for conventional medicine was very slim in the process we have found some very promising alternative treatments.

What she is currently doing:

Mom immediately cut out everything from her diet: sugar, dairy, gluten, meat.  She started juicing, only eating organic, doing raw foods, added essiac tea, various supplements, is doing essential oils, only drinks alkaline water.  She did this for a month until we found a doctor that has a very good grasp on her type of cancer and has since told her to add back eggs and lean meats.  The point of the story is that she is determined to fight this thing from the inside out and has made a drastic lifestyle change to starve out all the things that help cancer grow.  We have since flown out to Arizona and are staying here at a hotel while she goes 4-5 days a week for treatment.  She gets multiple IVs a day and will be getting a port put in  this week.  She is doing a lot of immune boosting therapies, chemo therapy, and will be getting a vitamin regimen that is designed after complex blood panels that have allowed them to adjust her treatment to her biochemistry makeup.  This facility is a wonderful combination of conventional and alternative medicine.

How can I help:

This page was created at the recommendation of her doctors and many close family and friends.  Anyone who knows my mother knows that she was adamant about never creating a page like this but after much discussion she has agreed.  There is some very strong and compelling evidence that all of these treatments do work but insurance will not pay anything of her treatment since its not traditional chemotherapy.  Her treatments are very expensive and are a minimum of 6,000 a week and have to be paid up front before any service.  This may sound crazy, it did to us as well, but its actually way more doable than the other facilities that charged almost 50K all up front before checking in which would not accept any credit cards. All that to say everything adds up very quickly (airfares, hotel, rental cars) and there is a need for assistance.  Many have asked how they can help.  First and foremost would be prayers.  Mom is relying so heavily on prayer now and appreciates every supplication made on her behalf.

We have  also created this page as a go fund me alternative so that 100% of your contribution can go to moms treatment as no fees are charged on our end unlike the other pages which take about 8%. Pay pal is free for you if you use your bank account with the link otherwise there is a small processing fee. If you would like to skip the processing fee all together Facebook allows you to also send donations and they take no fee from either party to use. You simply go into messages and there is a send money option.  This will allow any that feel inclined to help donate easily. Her paypal link is and will be managed by me on her behalf.  Please keep in mind that any donation no matter how small is so greatly appreciated and will only be used to offset the cost of her therapy. I would also like to emphasize again that while monetary donations are definitely needed, more than anything mom is asking that you please keep her in your prayers.  Please pray for her to be steadfast in her faith, and that she can be given strength and endurance throughout this whole process.

If anyone has any suggestions for fundraising opportunities we can try, please email me at


If anyone would like to send any cards while in treatment moms address while in Phoenix is:

Candlewood Suites

Lisa Osterfeld Rm 335

11411 N Black Canyon Hwy

Phoenix Az 85029

She will be here at least through the month of June.

Please feel free to reach out at any time for updates.  Much love and appreciation for all of the prayers and love shown to her at this time.