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When I found out Liz was pregnant I could not have been happier for her.  I met her through ICAN shortly after my son was born.  Our boys are weeks apart, our daughters about a year apart and we both were having our third the same year.  I was originally hired as her photographer but soon after she realized her previous doula would not be available and she decided to hire me for both.  Little did I know her birth would be very similar to my last.  A provider change literally at the last minute, a new hospital, new midwife and then an induction as a VBAC mom. All in all she was able to get the respectful birth she deserved with Intown midwifery who really came through at the last minute.  She also caught her little man herself, a joy I also got to experience back in February.  As always I was just honored and humbled to be there along the way. I really love this entire birth collection and am so happy she had me there to document it.


Bella Birth Photography | Atlanta Birth Photographer | North Fulton Hospital
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