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Nothing says labor day like a woman in labor. I love Heidi’s story so much and for so many reasons.  For one she is a super fast birther. It definitely makes for a great story to be able to say “They were going to send me home since I was not in labor but then I had the baby”  That is kind of how her last birth went.  She was in triage, they told her she was probably going to be sent home, she decided to walk and then almost had the baby in triage.  She pretty much ran into her delivery room and pushed her son out the second she got there. That part was awesome, missing the water birth because the midwife was not there and she could not get in the tub, not as cool.  Especially since that was the second time she was trying to get her water birth because she got the hospital too late with her second. This time she was prepared to advocate for herself and get a tub.  Her labor was so so familiar.  She got there again in very early labor and contractions had slowed down.  She was 2 cms.  The awesome part of this story is that she was in a labor and delivery room and there was a pool being filled with water.  That literally NEVER happens.  I have had moms get there at 6 cms and be told “We do not like to set up the pool until 7cms.” So to have her admitted and with a filled tub at 2 cms is unreal.  We walked the halls just like the last time.  She had her husband by her side the whole time, who even offered counter pressure, as well as her mom.  After walking a little bit she was ready to get in the tub.  About an hour later her little man was born earthside labor day morning. This would start the string of 3 babies in 4 days!  It was quite the week and she kicked it off with a bang.  This is a video birth so that means that she gets all of her images and a full video birth movie so she can always remember that day.1234

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